The History of Aromatic Oils.

Aromatic oils, otherwise also known as essential oils, are now commonly used on a daily basis.
It is deem as a modern day lifestyle product for fragrancing and relaxation. However many people are looking into essential oils as a natural and alternative treatment.

How much of the origin and what do we really know about the history of essential oil?

The usage of essential oils dated back centuries ago in different parts of the world, for various purposes. Without the means of surgery and modern medicine, it is of no wonder that plants and herbs were largely relied on for healing and disinfecting purposes.

In the ancient B.C, mixtures were burned for worship or for warding off evil spirits. Many of which, the usages and purposed were spread during the time of crusades, where plague is commonly thought to be the wrath of God. Oils of Frankincense, Myrrh, Galbanum, etc, were mentioned in religious scripts which recorded the usages of essential oils as anointing oils and for cleansing and worship.

Knowledge and applications of different plants was exchanged when people travel.

Ancient Greek Scholars and Philosophers learned of the Indians’ therapeutic Ayur Veda massage that is compatible with their blends of treatments, thus adopted the knowledge of body massages, complimenting their aromatic baths. These ancient knowledge were only beginning to popularize recently after many centuries.

Another highly popular usage of essential oils in ancient times is body fragrance for the affluent. As there was almost close to no plumbing system, baths were considered as a great luxury and were only taken once in a long while. With no proper systems to dispose off waste, we cannot quite image how much important a fragrance oil would be!

Rare essential oils were often presented as gifts to royalties in ancient China and is considered as prized items that helps to maintain bilateral relationship between China and her surrounding countries.

The usage of essential oils are far and wide there there is no definitive of a first usage of an essential oil, however, recorded documents from different parts of the world, from scholars, philosophers to medicinal practitioners has confirmed the wide usage of essential oils since ancient times.

How interestingly intriguing.

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