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Parf 1L Exquisite Sparkle

$ 58.00

An effervescent cup, the fragrance of a celebration with friends: the Perfume Exquisite Home Perfume, intoxicating like a festive air.

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Product Description

There are bubbles that make us happy celebrations, sparkling wines that tell us French excellence, nectars that we envy, that only make us live …
Everything starts with the vivifying radiance of a zest grapefruit; then comes the elegance and gluttony of a bouquet of flowers; Finally, enjoy the exhilarating and fruity background with delight … The Exquisite Sparkle Home Perfume is the perfect illustration of a sense of celebration. It is the laughs of a shared joy, the melody of a perfumed happiness, a Christmas that is celebrated with elegance and a touch of exuberance.