Geometry Grenadine Lamp Set

$ 118.00

It could be the center piece of your interior; a heart that beats, a life in motion, a je ne sais quoi of chic and flamboyant!

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Product Description

Geometry remains, in design, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The cubists of the early twentieth century revisited the lines and forms. The Seventies made her curves the heroines of funky patterns and improbable wallpapers. Our decade is experiencing a return of the line, the parallel, its perpendiculars, and all its angles!
It is therefore natural that Maison Berger Paris once again appealed to the agency De Vog and its founder Armand Delsol to carry out his own creative work around this design trend; The Geometry collection was born and, among other things, the Grenadine eponymous Berger lamp. This fragrance diffuser is an example of dynamism and modernity. A body cut in the glass, while moving. A sleek frame, slender, shiny silver – obviously. A tinted grenadine bottle, a bold choice of a red as subtle as flamboyant.
The fragrance offered, Parfum de Maison Paris Chic, adds a touch of originality to the whole. A complex bouquet of notes that are at once tender, elegantly classic and resolutely modern. A getaway in the heart of a French way of life, always unequaled, perpetually relevant!
  • paris chisThis gift box contains a 180ml Paris Chic