Gem Champagne Lamp Set

$ 138.00

A subtly pink bubble, the brilliance of a stone made precious, the fragrances of an elegant party: a box like a sweet nectar to share …

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Product Description

What more beautiful tribute to the prestigious French nectar than a perfume that looks like him, a precious bottle to welcome him? Everything in this Gem Champagne gift set by Maison Berger Paris is a dedication to the famous sparkling wine!
He gives to the Perfume of House Pétillance Exquise his bottom note, festive and invigorating and is shared through a body of glass adorned with a dress also subtly pink.
The impression of elegance is reinforced by the shape of the lamp, a rough stone gently worked, lacquered to become precious. Here again a testimony of the French know-how, that of our master jewelers, subtly imagined by the agency of designers Utopik Design.
To further reinforce the Christmas spirit, the set is nicely presented in a box designed by Dorothéa Renault. For the 120 years of Maison Berger Paris, the illustrator is a nod to Paris and its Parisian. The illustrator adorns with talent a deep black background of the silhouettes of the City of Light, whose nights are even more magical when Christmas approaches.