Car Diffuser Ylang Sun Refill

$ 20.00

TOP NOTES: Vanilla, Tiare Flower, Orange Blossom

HEART NOTES: Ylang Ylang, Coconut, Amber

BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Precious wood

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Product Description

At the beginning was a delicate flower, a Tahitian tiare, playing with its floral and luminous notes, a Polynesian score. Then, the heart intones a Javanese melody, when the ylang-ylang diffuses its creamy and exotic scents. Finally, the set is installed in a beautiful greed and lascivious sensuality on a background of vanilla and precious wood.
This box is an ode to exoticism, a sunny parenthesis. But beyond that, it is the demonstration of the excellence of Maison Berger Paris and a guarantee of efficiency. The 2 refills Sun Ylang will supply quality with your car diffuser Bestellers, a beautiful accessory trend, with its honeycomb pattern and chrome tint.
This process ensures the homogeneous and efficient diffusion of a perfume, which has been specially studied for this method of diffusion. The composition is none other than the fruit of the expertise of the master perfumers of Grasse.