Car Diffuser Aroma Energy

$ 35.00

TOP NOTESGrapefruit, Orange

HEART NOTESGrapefruit, Pineapple

BASE NOTESMusk, Fishing

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Product Description

Maison Berger Paris puts its inventiveness and efficiency to work to boost your daily journeys and bring a decorative dimension to the interior of your vehicle.
Give in originality with this Aroma car diffuser, its cut inspired by moucharabieh and its very contemporary matte nickel finish.
And gain in dynamism with the Energy Toned Zest fragrances. An energetic olfactory cocktail with its citrus fragrances spiced up with notes of musk. The beneficial presence of the essential oil of grapefruit brings lightness and dynamism.
This box, signed Maison Berger Paris, has the guarantee of a know-how in the French. An aestheticism that sacrifices nothing to quality, an originality that has nothing to envy to efficiency. Everything has been thought of and mastered: a multidirectional metal clamp that makes it easy to clip the object onto the air vents; a rechargeable scented ceramic heart; the homogeneous and subtle diffusion of a perfume specifically studied for this method of propagation by the master perfumers of Grasse.