Eliminates Odour and Bacteria

How Does the Lampe Berger Lamps eliminates odour and bacteria effectively?

A Secret Formula is coated on all Lampe Berger burners, consisting of a Unique Patented Technology that is solely exclusive to the wicks from Lampe Berger only!!

This secret technology allows the burner to retain heat at the correct temperature, so that bacteria and odour molecules in the air will be attracted and broken down by the catalytic burner, resulting in a cleaner and fragrant environment. Proven to reduce the number of bacteria in a room with just 30 minutes of usage in a normal sized room, this is what makes Lampe Berger so unique and a must have purifying and fragrancing item.


Taking inspiration from nature or distant places, the collection of Home Fragrances contains more than 50 fragrances inviting you to a daily state of wellbeing.Cradled by a gentle nostalgia, the new collection narrates the olfactory memories of French Master Perfumers. Each new product is born from a personal history, from the intimate memory of a Master Perfumer who will find a universal echo in each one of us.LAMPE BERGER perfectly captures all these moments of our lives to form a symphony of aromas. Warm notes, fresh floral, sublime sparkle, exotic scents, and enlivening, amber tones. The Lampe Berger fragrance range is as wide as your imagination takes you.


Ever attentive to all aspects of quality, Lampe Berger makes it a rule to diffuse into the air only substances that are perfectly mastered and controlled. Tests carried out regularly by an independent laboratory attest to the absence of fumes and the detection of BTEX (benzene, styrene, naphthalene,formaldehyde and acetaldehyde) during diffusion.

The ingredients contained in our Home Fragrances are subject to specific internal standards that are more stringent than those demanded by European and American pharmacopoeia and by the IFRA (International Fragrances Association).

An essential guarantee for people who are concerned about the air that they breathe and which few products can claim to provide.

Concerned about the well-being of its consumers, Lampe Berger also emphasises great importance to the proper labeling of its products, in compliance with regulations.

Indeed, Lampe Berger routinely conducts checks upon receipt of each lamp body. If it is a craft process as producing a porcelain body, 100% manual control is performed, while a control sample is provided in relation to a more industrial process.

All lamps are tested by the Lampe Berger factory for watertight before being packaged and shipped worldwide.